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In 2023, Stockholm is European Capital of Gastronomy.
Together with the city’s actors, we will position Stockholm on the world map, as one of Europe’s leading gastronomic destinations. With a focus on the pleasure of eating, we plan to contribute to positive social development and a sustainable food system.
We will build a creative, eco-conscious and inclusive platform with our sights set on the future focusing on local, national and international guests.
European Community of New Gastronomy has named Stockholm the Gastronomic Capital of Europe 2023. Krakow was Gastronomic Capital 2019. In 2022, Oeiras, a city outside of Lisbon is Europe’s Gastronomic Capital.
The project is owned and operated by the Gastronomic Academy in collaboration with the Swedish Academy of Culinary Arts and Meal Sciences, the Royal Academy of Forestry and Agriculture and the City of Stockholm through Visit Stockholm.
The Gastronomic Academy is responsible for implementation and overall marketing, while the City of Stockholm through Visit Stockholm contributes financially to organization and marketing as well as implementation of the opening ceremony at Stockholm City Hall.