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Since Golfbaren started their first bar in Kristineberg ten years ago, their ambition has been to provide the ultimate holistic experience – “The Minigolf Experience”. The goal for all five concepts is to stimulate multiple senses at the same time through well-designed and themed mini-golf courses, enjoyable food and drink, great music, unique social gatherings and a truly delightful competitive spirit.

During the 10 Year Anniversary, Golfbaren offer everything from gastronomic guest performances to afternoon tea, brunch, DJs, live music and more.

Everyone should of course be able to eat and drink well at the golf bars that’s why they offer gluten-free, plant-based, alcohol-free and child-friendly options in all menus.

Until mid-August, all three of the outdoor dining areas are open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Drop in!

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