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Brave wine

The unique photo exhibition Brave Wine is a collaboration between Spritmuseum and  Beredskapslyftet . It is about the Ukrainian wine industry, which was largely destroyed during Russia’s war of invasion. Here you get to hear gripping stories from winemakers who have had to see generations of life’s work erased. But you’ll also get to experience the passion and ingenuity that drives them to continue.

The photo exhibition depicts personal stories from within the Ukrainian wine industry and describes the everyday life of winemakers with setbacks and challenges, since the war broke out. You will hear about their struggles and triumphs and gain insights into the current state of the wine industry in Ukraine. Plus you will also get a deeper understanding of the country’s rich wine heritage, and get to know the inspiring people who keep the spark alive in the worst of adversity.

Whether it’s the story of a winemaker who rebuilt his vineyard after it was destroyed by shelling – or the story of a family-owned vineyard passed down through generations, “Brave Wine” offers a unique perspective on the human side of winemaking in Ukraine.

Through photographs and gripping stories, you will experience the passion, determination and ingenuity that drive them to continue creating wines despite the new conditions.

The exhibition is shown along the quay outside Spritmuseum and is a collaboration with Beredskapslyftet. You can visit Brave Wine from June 14 to August 24 (National Day of Ukraine).


On August 24, at 19:00 you are welcome to our  charity dinner  in favor of Ukraine. The dinner is an extension of the photo exhibition Brave Wine.
All proceeds go directly to an ambulance that will be transported to Ukraine by  OperationAid  in the near future.