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Christmas traditions the Brutalist way

For this Christmas season you will have the chance to explore a Brutalist take on traditional Christmas food. A menu based on Tore Wretman’s seven Trips of the Christmas Table (Swe: Julbordets Turer) for Swedish Christmas dinners—prepared in accordance with Brutalisten manifesto, of course:

Första turen: Sill (Potato and herring)

Andra turen: Fisk (Fish)

Tredje turen: Kallskuret (Cold cuts and charcuterie)

Fjärde turen: Småvarmt (Warm servings)

Femte turen: Ost (Cheese)

Sjätte turen: Efterrätt (Dessert)

Sjunde turen: Julgodis (Christmas candy)

Dutch soused herring? Potato broth? Fermented herring dip? Smoked lamprey? The specifics of the menu are still subject to change, but we hope to create a beautiful balance of comforting, familiar classics and exciting interpretations of dishes you may not have tried before.

The menu is priced at 1150 SEK per person with a drink pairing for 800 SEK. Guests enjoying the set menu will also be able to purchase additional, seasonal delicacies such as shellfish, oysters and schnaps. 

During the month of December, we will also give the opportunity to book a Christmas lunch for larger parties. This will be availabe on Thursdays and Fridays and must be booked at least a week in advance with no drop-ins. Welcome to book your extraordinary mid-day celebration, meeting or gathering.

Our Christmas menu will be served between November 28th and December 22nd after which we will close for the holidays.