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Lisen Sundgren

Foraging with Lisen Sundgren

Eat wild plants with forager and herbalist Lisen Sundgren “Life by Lisen”. An activity with the opportunity to experience nature with sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and awareness.

Research shows that when we sit still and let nature enter through our senses, it brings with it a host of health-promoting effects. Welcome to the tranquility of the Görväln nature reserve.

Eat wild plants with Lisen Sundgren

About Lisen Sundgren:
Lisen Sundgren from Life by Lisen is a herbalist, forager, author, nature and forest therapy guide, meditation teacher and certified nutrition advisor. She gives lectures, workshops, wild plant walks, forest baths, meditation and breathing for recovery and creativity. Lisen has received several prizes and awards both for her books and for her knowledge transfer about edible plants.

Instagram @lifebylisen

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The summer program is part of Görvälns Slott’s investment in “Sustainable Gastronomy”.
“We simply want to share knowledge about food, drink and sustainability by offering inspiring and enjoyable activities in connection with visits to us. The arrangements consist of everything from activities with lunch and coffee to complete packages with hotel room and dinner.