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Herbarium invites to pleasant summer evenings with small dishes from the wood, garden drinks – with and without alcohol as well as beer, natural wine and craft beers.
The menu consists of a range of small dishes. You can choose to order one as something lighter or several pieces to get full. Both savory and sweet dishes are served in simple forms; a cutlery basket, a bottle of drink, a glass and then the small dishes roll in.

Flexible menus: from the biodynamic cultivation or friendly growers and small-scale producers in the network. The menu is then tailored based on these ingredients. Mostly it’s plant based food, but sometimes meat, fish or shellfish can also appear on the plate.

Herbarium opening hours:
5 July – 13 August

Wednesday Thursday:
15.00 – 20.00

Friday Saturday Sunday
15.00 – until late!

The kitchen closes at 8 p.m