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During May, Stockholm’s contribution to Sweden’s Landscape Meals is served as lunch at the Matbaren at the Grand Hotel.

Behind the meal are chefs Mathias Dahlgren and Staffan Naess.

Crudo on Mälargös with locally grown greens and ginger mayonnaise

A salad bowl that includes pikeperch from Mälaren and fresh leaves, shoots and herbs grown in the Stockholm region as well as ginger, lime and black pepper. Please eat with chopsticks.

Lamb sausage with fennel, roasted artichokes, sky, crispy potatoes, cabbage and Karljohansvamp

The choice of sausage is explained by the fact that at the 1897 Industrial Exhibition in Stockholm, hot dogs were served as fast food for the first time, then with a white glove instead of in bread.
The raw materials come from both Södermanland and Uppland.

Baked fresh cheese, sea buckthorn sorbet, wild berries according to availability, oats and cream

The dessert pays tribute to the Swedish invention of the milk separator, which has been of great importance for the handling of milk raw materials throughout the world. In 1878, Gustaf de Laval and his business partner Oskar Lamm took out a patent for the invention and began manufacturing the separator in a machine shop on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm.