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During Pollination Week, you can enjoy a spring wild Weeds Lunch composed by restaurant Oxenstiernan’s creative director Elvira Lindqvist in collaboration with Lisen Sundgren, expert on wild edible plants.

In the garden is Pollinera Sweden’s exhibition SURR with Lena Granefelt’s portraits of pollinators.
On the menus are illustrations of weed plants by Stina Wirsén.

The wild weeds lunch is a collaboration between Pollinera Sweden and restaurant Oxenstiernan. Pollinate Sweden wants to contribute to changing the norm of what a garden can be and contribute to increased biological diversity in Sweden’s around 2.5 million gardens. The weed lunch is the start of our knowledge gathering about weeds and wild plants that benefit pollinators.

#Pollination Week 20–28 May 2023

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