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On March 16 at 6:30 p.m. two of Sweden’s leading winemakers create a nine-course dinner using some of the best ingredients and wines that the country has to offer.

Göran Amnegård has a long gastronomic career both in Sweden and abroad. During the 90’s, Göran made a career in Canada. He won chef of the year in 1991 and at that time also had a great knowledge of everything wine. He brought all this back to Sweden and in 2002 opened the doors to Blaxta winery in Flen just south of Stockholm. Since then, Göran and Blaxta Vingård have won four gold medals at the International Wine World Cup.

Felix G. Åhrberg is the winemaker and oenologist at Kullabergs Vingård. After years of learning and traveling in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, New Zealand and South Africa, he established himself in Sweden in 2017. The wines from Kullabergs Vingård have won medals around the world. In February 2023, Felix gård was awarded the Gastronomic Academy’s prize for Sweden’s most ambitious winery.