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Stockholm Gastronomy Conference (Instagram-inlägg) - 5

Dive into art at Stockholm Gastronomy Conference 2023 

Art Vox

Art Vox present “Art Hybridize with Food”
– from molecular gastronomy to art infused eating
at Stockholm Gastronomy Conference

25 nov 14.30

There was a time when restaurants developed its experience beyond
existing boundaries, when adding molecular detailing and experimental
offshoots. One could claim this followed another trend based on fusion
cuisine, where chefs mix and blend from different parts of the world.
In the most resent time we have seen a renaissance in what used to be
an integral part of restaurants, culture and arts.

Imagine turn of the century restaurants in Paris without cabarets,
without painters and without paintings as an actual trading value
between struggling artists and food on the table.

Today, we have reached a point where food and arts are mixed and
perhaps mixed up where a dish is art and where art is a dish. Art has,
like an octopus, reached its tentacles into all facets of the
eating-out culture.

We can claim that it is a good thing, but is it really? Or is it
sometimes good but other times a waste? Questions and hope arise which
is why we have gathered a panel of voices that reflect some parts of
the art renaissance.

There is one panel and one live podcast during the conference.
Read more and RSVP below (program is free of charge).
NOTE: Your RSVP is valid for both Panel and Live podcast.



Saturday, November 25, 14:30-15:15.

  • Elle Azhdari, Artistic Pastry Designer.

  • Astrid Menasanch Tobieson, playwright, director, producer, writer and actor.

  • Jonas Nobel (UGLYCUTE), Artist and creator of interior designs for venues.

  • Michel Bussien, Artist and Architect.

SUPER VOX Live podcast

Saturday, November 25,15:25-16:00.

Astrid Birnbaum meets internationally recognized artist Carsten Höller, founder of Brutalisten, Gesamtkunstwerk where Food and Eating aesthetically fuses into a complete artwork. RSVP


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