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Let’s co-create the program!

We invite everyone who wants to showcase gastronomic events or co-create new innovative and sustainable activities highlighting Stockholm’s or Sweden’s food scene to join the year. 2023 is about doing thing together and putting Stockholm on the world map as one of Europe’s leading gastronomic destinations.

2023 is a year of celebrations. Not only has Stockholm been chosen as European Capital of Gastronomy but HMK Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates 50 years on the throne, Sweden celebrates 500 years as a nation and Stockholm City Hall celebrates 100 years. 

There are lots of possibilities to join. Read more about how to become a partner or content actor!

Stockholm becomes a showcase for Swedens regional meal culture

Sweden’s 21 counties have, with the support of their governors, created 25 new regional Meals and a new Stockholm Meal.

The meals and menus will be presented in Stockholm in 2023.

3rd European Conference on Gastronomy – the Stockholm Gastronomy Conference

An interdisciplinary international research and policy conference held at Stockholm University 24–26 November 2023. The conference brings together researchers and experts from Europe.

Stockholm Good Food City

The city of Stockholm is working to ensure that the activities during the gastronomic capital year lead to long-term commitment and cooperation, increased understanding of new opportunities and development of Stockholm as a foodie destination. Based on the platform Stockholm Good Food City , the development towards a sustainable food system that is positive for both people, the climate and the planet is promoted.

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